Boston Premiere Screening of SING YOUR SONG

by South Africa Partners
with Mary Tiseo, George Monyemangene
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
May 16, 2012
10 pages
Program for the Boston premier screening of “Sing Your Song,” a film about artist and activist Harry Belafonte, at Kendall Square Cinema on May 16, 2012. This film showing, organized by South Africa Partners, honors local leaders Reebee Garofalo, Caroline Hunter, Willard Johnson, Mel King, and Byron Rushing. The program also acknowledges posthumously these local heroes who were instrumental in Boston-area anti-apartheid campaigns: Jack Backman, who as Massachusetts State Senator, joined forces with Mel King to lead efforts within the State Legislature; Paul Epstein, whose work in public health and Southern Africa’s liberation were a reflection of his deep devotion to social justice; Mackie McLeod and Zubaida Price, whose activism and expertise helped publicize local activities, reaching broad audiences with anti-apartheid messages; Chris Nteta, for his many contributions, including his leadership within the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement; George Wald, Nobel Laureate, for his contributions to the closing of the South African Consulate in Boston and the Anti-Kruggerand Campaign; and Ken Williams, who joined with Caroline Hunter to form and lead the Revolutionary Workers Movement at Polaroid. The program mentions the Boston Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa, MassDivest, and the Winnie Mandela Support Committee. The Award Selection Committee is Margaret Burnham, Richard Clapp and Janet Axelrod. • Evening Program • Anti-Krugerrand Campaign • Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement • Divestment Campaign • Preventing the Renewal of U.S. Bank Loans • Sports Isolation & the Cultural Boycott • AMANDLA - Festival of Unity • AMANDLA Award Criteria • Honorees • Activist Acknowledgements

Used by permission of South Africa Partners.