by Anti-Apartheid Student Alliance
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Undated, Fall 1985
1 page
Leaflet advertising the Midwest Conference Against Apartheid and Racism at the University of Chicago on November 16-17, 1985 on "Students Taking Action in Support of the Liberation Struggles in Southern Africa." Panels will cover such topics as: Understanding Apartheid: Why It Can't Be Reformed; Racism in the U.S. and S. Africa: Parallels and Common Struggles; and Sexism: The Intersection of Gender, Race & Class in the U.S. and S. Africa. Workshops will include topics such as: Introducing Students to Apartheid; Divestment; Campus United Fronts Against Apartheid; Material Aid to Liberation Movements; and U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Apartheid. Speakers are to be invited from the liberation movements and from national, regional, and local anti-apartheid organizations.
Used by permission of Sahotra Sarkar, formerly Chair of the Third World Political Forum.
Collection: Sahotra Sarkar Chicago anti-apartheid collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections