by Malcolm X Institute, Peacemaking Action Network
West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Early 1986
Publisher: Peacemaking Action Network, Malcolm X Institute
1 page
Leaflet advertising a conference at Purdue University on April 19-20, 1986, with workshops on Angola, Namibian History, Divestment Strategies, Coalition Building, Direct Aid, International Solidarity Movement, Frontline States, Role of Non-Violent Action, Sexism and Racism in the Movement, and Post-Divestment Strategies. The leaflet says the conference is sponsored by the Malcolm X Institute at Wabash College; Peacemaking Action Network and Free South Africa Coalition at Purdue University; Third World Political Forum; and Anti-Apartheid Student Alliance. The leaflet includes the logos of SWAPO, the UDF (United Democratic Front) and the African National Congress. • Celebrate the 26th anniversary of SWAPO on April 19
Collection: Sahotra Sarkar Chicago anti-apartheid collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections