by Students for Nuclear Disarmament, CAUSE, Third World Political Forum, University of Chicago Coalition for Divestment
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Undated, November 1987
Publisher: CAUSE, Students for Nuclear Disarmament, Third World Political Forum, University of Chicago Coalition for Divestment
2 pages
The pamphlet argues that the Reagan administration’s "constructive engagement" policy has consistently provided political, economic, and military support to the apartheid regime. U.S. also has provided covert aid to UNITA, which continues random attacks on villagers and other civilians and is backed by South Africa. The administration has not supported international efforts to obtain Namibia’s independence from South Africa and has permitted U.S. companies to plunder Namibia's mineral resources in defiance of the United Nations. The pamphlet also discusses the U.S. providing military aid to South Africa through surrogate nations such as Israel in violation of a mandatory international arms embargo. In addition, the administration has consistently attempted to portray the liberation movements, the African National Congress of South Africa and the South West Africa Peoples' Organization of Namibia, as communist organizations in an effort to destroy their credibility. The pamphlet says the Reagan administration and its Congressional allies also subsidize unpopular governments in Guatemala and El Salvador and try to subvert a popular government in Nicaragua. • WHY WE OPPOSE U.S. POLICY IN SOUTHERN AFRICA • WHY WE OPPOSE U.S. POLICY IN CENTRAL AMERICA • JOBS NOT BOMBS • WHY WE OPPOSE U.S. DOMESTIC POLICY • WHY WE OPPOSE REAGAN’S ARMS BUILDUP
Used by permission of Sahotra Sarkar, formerly Chair of the Third World Political Forum and a former member of the University of Chicago Coalition for Divestment.
Collection: Sahotra Sarkar Chicago anti-apartheid collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections