by Anti-Apartheid Student Alliance
with ,
Chicago, Illinois, United States
October 1985
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Leaflet advertising a teach-in on South Africa and apartheid at the University of Chicago on October 22, 1985. Workshops are planned on “South Africa: The History of the Struggle and the Current Crisis” with Dr. Frederick Dube of the African National Congress (ANC); “Apartheid and World-Wide Racism: Diabolical Connection or Historical Accident?” With Tukufu Zuberi of the Black Graduate Forum; “What is to be Done? Organizing Strategies for the Continuing Struggle Against Apartheid” with Prexy Nesbitt of the Coalition for Illinois’ Divestment from South Africa (CIDSA), and “Divestment and the Role of the University” with University of Chicago President Hanna H. Gray and Jennifer Davis of the American Committee on Africa. A plenary rally and speech will feature Neo Mnumzana, chief delegate of the ANC to the United Nations. Sponsoring organizations are the Action Committee for a Free South Africa, Black Graduate Forum, Faculty for Divestment from South Africa, Organization of Black Students, Teamsters Local 743, Third World Political Forum, and the Women's Union. The leaflet includes a quick quiz on apartheid and a glossary. [Note: the leaflet misspells the name as Mnumzama.]
Collection: Sahotra Sarkar Chicago anti-apartheid collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections