The West Coast Link

by Friends of the ANC and the Frontline States
Los Angeles, California, United States
July 2, 1991
2 pages
The mailing of the West Coast Link says the Friends of the ANC and Frontline States has called for meetings of several local anti-apartheid organizations with Congressman Mervyn Dymally, chair of the House Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa. The mailing discusses the current moves by the Bush administration and Congress to lift sanctions against South Africa and urges people to contact their elected officials in support of continuing sanctions. The mailing reports that Congress has earmarked $10 million to be dispersed by the National Endowment for Democracy to Inkatha and the ANC plus $10 million to organize voters in South Africa. Participants in The West Coast Link include Friends of the ANC and Frontline States, the Committee for Health in Southern Africa, the Namibia Support Organization, the Mozambique Support Network, the Southern Africa Resource Project, All Saints South African Ministry, and the California Democratic Council.
Used by permission of former members of Friends of the ANC and the Frontline States.
Collection: Carol B. Thompson and Bud Day Papers on Southern Africa, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections