Southern Africa Support Committee News Update

(Issue 4)
by Southern Africa Support Committee
Los Angeles, California, United States
Winter 1989
12 pages
The newsletter reports that UN Plan 435 for the withdrawal of South African forces and holding of independence elections in Namibia is underway, and SWAPO (South West Africa People's Organization) will probably come to power. As of early November, the secret talks between Angola, South Africa and the U.S. continue regarding withdrawal of South African troops from Angola, South Africa abandoning it illegal occupation of Namibia, and Cuban personnel leaving Angola. The newsletter says the Reagan Administration will request $40 million in covert aid to the counter-revolutionary group UNITA (Union for the Total Liberation of Angola) in next year’s appropriations. The newsletter says the Cabora Bassa Dam, a huge hydroelectric plant spanning the Zambezi River, has not been used for the past decade due to the destabilization campaign by Renamo (MNR), which was set up by agents of the white Rhodesian government. South Africa now urgently needs additional energy, and it has signed an agreement with Mozambique and Portugal to rehabilitate the dam. The newsletter says eight years after the formation of the Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC), composed of Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe), South Africa continues to attack it projects and villagers. The newsletter reports that Angola has the highest amputee rate in the world because UNITA plants U.S.-made Claymore mines along foot paths. It also reports that President Mugabe spoke in June to the Special UN Session on Disarmament about the unity pact between ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union) and ZAPU (Zimbabwe African People's Union), the amnesty accords that provide pardons for MNR bandits, and socialism. The newsletter reports on a massacre of citizens in Burundi and the role of the CIA there. It also reports on a successful political strike called by COSATU (Congress of South African Trade Unions), which has aligned itself with the ANC, and NACTU (National Council of Trade Unions), aligned with PAC. The newsletter reports that Mohammed Valli-Moosa, Murphy Morobe and Vusimuzi Khangile, who were detained under the State of Emergency, escaped from a hospital and took refuge in the U.S. Consulate. Law and Order Minister Adriaan Volk issued a decree banning the activities of the End Conscription Campaign. The newsletter includes an editorial reprinted from Sechaba, the ANC’s newsletter. Contents: ANGOLA • MOZAMBIQUE • SOUTHERN AFRICA: THE QUEST FOR SELF-RELIANCE • ZIMBABWE • BURUNDI • SOUTH AFRICA • Sanctions • Mandela • Labor • Sharpeville 6 • Embassy Refugees • Filmmakers • Bannings • Electric Peace • Elections • WHO IS SASC? • THE NEW IMPERIALIST OFFENSIVE
Used by permission of a former member of the Southern Africa Support Committee.
Collection: Carol B. Thompson and Bud Day Papers on Southern Africa, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections