by Southern Africa Support Committee, South Africa Catalyst Project
Pasadena, California, United States
Undated, about Spring 1978
Publisher: South Africa Catalyst Project, Southern Africa Support Committee
2 pages
Brochure advertising the Southern Africa Alliance Conference on the theme "U.S. Out of Southern Africa" to be held on June 17-18, 1978 at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena. The brochure says the conference objectives are to bring together student and community-based organizations on the West Coast working on Southern Africa; to create a vehicle for promoting protests, boycotts, picketing, and research and study groups; to contribute to the growing movements against apartheid in Southern Africa; to consolidate gains so far; and to eventually work for a coalition of groups across North America. Campaigns listed in the brochure include Stop Banking on Apartheid, material aid for liberation groups, Krugerrand, mercenaries, political prisoners, and legislation and local resolutions. All groups working against U.S. military, economic, political and moral support for the oppressive white minority regimes in Southern Africa are welcome. Sponsors are Campuses United Against Apartheid (CUAA), Southern Africa Support Committee (SASC), South Africa Catalyst Project (SACP), and Working Committee on Southern Africa (WCSA). • GOALS and OBJECTIVES • PARTICIPANTS • CONFERENCE PROGRAM
Used by permission of a former member of the Southern Africa Support Committee and by former members of the South Africa Catalyst Project.
Collection: Carol B. Thompson and Bud Day Papers on Southern Africa, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections