Angola Weekly News Summary

by MPLA Solidarity Committee
with Mike Shuster, Assuncao Vahekeni, Miguel Neto
New York, New York, United States
June 3, 1976
9 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
This newsletter large reports on the Angola Support Conference in Chicago. It includes the statements of two representatives of the MPLA: Miguel Neto and Assuncao Vahekeni. Two Zimbabweans, James Moyo and Davis M'Gabe, and two South Africans, Rhodes Gxoyia and Wardele Kuse spoke on the significance of the Angolan victory for the liberation struggle now going on in their own countries. The newsletter includes a reprint of an article by LNS (Liberation News Service) ANGOLAN MILITARY LEADERS REPORT FLEC, UNITA STILL ACTIVE; LUANDA DELINEATES POLICY TOWARD GULF OIL. Contents: STATEMENT BY MIGUEL NETO, AMBASSADOR OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF ANGOLA TO THE MIDDLE EAST, and DELEGATE of the MPLA to the ANGOLA SUPPORT CONFERENCE, CHICAGO, MAY 28-30, 1976 • STATEMENT BY ASSUNCAO VAHEKENI, SECRETARY OF STATE FOR SOCIAL AFFAIRS FOR THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF ANGOLA, AND DELEGATE OF THE MPLA AT THE ANGOLA SUPPORT CONFERENCE (Translated from Portuguese by Bishop Ralph Dodge) • PANEL PRESENTATION ON THE SIGNIFICANCE OF ANGOLA'S VICTORY FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA, First session: Saturday afternoon • WORKSHOP REPORT: SECOND SATURDAY AFTERNOON SESSION • MEDICAL AID WORKSHOP • REPORT OF THE RECOGNITION AND POLITICAL SUPPORT WORKSHOP • REPORT FORM THE WORKSHOP ON MATERIAL ASSISTANCE • WORKSHOP ON INFORMATION: DISPELLING MYTHS ABOUT THE MPLA • SUNDAY MORNING: FINAL SESSION • CLOSING REMARKS • [Notes: This newsletter uses a county former name: Zaire. The LNS article was written by Mike Shuster but his name does not appear in this PDF.]
Used by permission of former members of the MPLA Solidarity Committee.
Collection: Private collection of Richard Knight