Southern Africa Support Committee News Letter

(VOL. 4)
by Southern Africa Support Committee
Pasadena, California, United States
July-August 1979
16 pages
Contents: History of the Southern Africa Support Committee • A New Strategy For South African Racist • Pan African Congress Member Assassinated • Condemn Muzorewa's Visit to the U.S. • United States Companies • SWAPO: The People Armed (photo) • News Briefs: Anti-Apartheid Committee Expresses Concern Over Loans To South Africa • South African Watergate • Gas, Anyone? • Zaire: The Missing Signature • Pilots Qualify • Zimbabwe – Joining Forces • Comments on Zimbabwe: Muzorewa – The Chess Piece • Bayard Rustin - The Other Chess Piece • Racist Spies Captured • Bank of America supports Racism and Apartheid • S.A.S.C. Principles of Unity • The newsletter reports that West German banks have played a substantial role in assuring that SASOL II and III are sufficiently capitalized, helping South Africa pursue its drive for energy self-sufficiency. It also reports that Mozambique continues to suffer sabotage raids from the Mozambique Resistance Movement (MNR). A story reports that SWAPO members have sabotaged Namibia's power supply for the second time in one year.
Collection: Alan Zaslavsky Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections