(Volume 6 Number 1)
by Mozambique Solidarity Office
with Prexy Nesbitt
Chicago, Illinois, United States
December 1996/January-February 1997
16 pages
Contents: "Kill Everybody!" South Africa's Executive Outcomes 21st Century Corporate Mercenaries by Prexy Nesbitt • Southern Africa 1977 • APIC Policy Outlook 1997 • Productivity, Key to Sustainable Development for SADC • Pollution: Price for Progress? • Angola • UNITA Delays Unity Government • UN Tussles with Problem of How to Bring UNITA into Line • UN Security Council Pushes Ahead with Plans • UNITA Raises Further Linkages • "Completely Disarmed" • UNITA Concerned for Ally as Zaire's Military Crumbles • UNITA Troops Fighting in Zaire? • Fighting Breaks out in the South • Aid Round-up • The International Campaign to Ban Landmines • Southern Africa Campaigns for a Mine-Free Zone • U.S. Bans Exports, But Not Use • Rural People of Color Most Affected • Diana's Call for Ban on Mines Stirs Controversy at Home • SPECIAL REPORT: 4th International NGO Conference on Landmines: Toward a Mine-Free Southern Africa, February 25-28, 1997, Maputo, Mozambique • Mozambique • RENAMO Threatens to Boycott Local Elections • Refugees En Route to South Africa • Paris Club Meeting on Mozambique • Rail Rehabilitation Depends on Coal Mines • Train to Zimbabwe Helps to Revive Mozambique's Economy • Women in Southern Africa • Southern African Women's Rights Agenda -1997 • Women's Issues in Botswana • Gender Violence Tribunals: A Solution to Domestic Violence • South Africa Adopts Gender Commission • Zimbabwe Launches Women's Bank • South Africa • US Opposes Arms Sales to Syria. Mandela Protests • Sweden Provided $400m In Aid to Apartheid Foes • Tutsis Armed by South Africans • Apartheid's Former Strongman Lambastes Witchhunt Against Afrikaners • Nigeria • US Reports Human Rights Abuses Continue in Nigeria • On the Anniversary of Saro-Wiwa's Execution, Human Rights Organizations Call for Reform • Excerpt from Ken Saro-Wiwa's closing statement to the military appointed tribunal before his execution • Sierra Club Urges Aid for Ogoni Struggle Against Shell • Southern Africa • Swaziland: The Struggle for Democracy Continues • Abdul Rahman Mohamed Babu, 22 September 1924 - 5 August 1996 • Security Council Recommends Kofi Annan as Secretary-General • NGOs Cite Colonialism • New Investment Rules Cause Concern
Used by permission of Prexy Nesbitt, former staff member of Mozambique Solidarity Office.
Collection: Kathleen Sheldon papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections