(Volume 5 Number 2)
by Mozambique Solidarity Office
with Angola Peace Monitor
Chicago, Illinois, United States
September/October/November 1996
8 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: Africa Low-Priority for Presidential Candidates • The International Campaign to Ban Landmines • Ridding Southern Africa of Landmines • 4th International NGO Conference on Landmines: Toward a Mine-Free Southern Africa Hosted by The Mozambican Campaign Against Landmines • Military Veterans Urge Mandela to Ban Landmines • Landmines in Southern Africa • Angola Peace Monitor • Angolan War Thrives in Cabinda • UNITA Maintains Stockpiles • Moose Visit Underlines US Policy Shift • IMF Prepares Angola Programme • SADC Steps Up Angola Role • EU/SADC Meeting Presses UNITA • Amnesty International Call for Investigation in Angola • Warren Christopher Visits Angola • South Africa • The Real Facts on South African Crime • Truth and Reconciliation Commission Addresses Women's Issues • Vigilantes Attack Gangs • Suture Donation Program for Mozambique • Southern Africa: Women in Politics • Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women
Used by permission of Prexy Nesbitt, former staff member of Mozambique Solidarity Office.
Collection: Kathleen Sheldon papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections