(Volume 2 Number 3)
by Mozambique Solidarity Office
with Karin Candelaria (editor), Prexy Nesbitt (editor), Maureen Lai-Ping Mark
Chicago, Illinois, United States
February 1993
4 pages
Contents: Ian Smith Offers Support to RENAMO • Bully or Buddy? Africa Tests US Role • Protests in Sweden as Mozambican Aid is Cut • You Can’t Kill the Spirit • Angola Appeals to United States • UN Peace-keeping Force in Angola Cut • UNITA Generals Ready to Return to National Army • One Million Face Malnutrition in Angola • Portuguese Diplomat Criticizes South African and Zairean Support of UNITA • UNITA Annexes Diamond Area • Namibia is "Neutral" on Conflict in Angola • Zimbabwe: One in Six have HIV • UN Delays in Mozambique May Push Back Elections • British to Remove Mines • Poverty in the Cities • Malawi: Opposition Parties Unite • UN to Monitor Mozambique • Germans Lobby for Cabora Bassa • Assembly Throws Out Casino Bill • Political Violence in South Africa: 1992 Death Count Second Highest • Prisoners on Hunger Strike • San Francisco Ex-policeman "Spied for South Africa" • Webster Inquest Fails to Identify Killer • London Trip "To Buy Arms for AWB" • SACP Growth
Used by permission of Prexy Nesbitt, former staff member of Mozambique Solidarity Office.
Collection: Kathleen Sheldon papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections