Labor Movement Takes On Apartheid South Africa

by Bay Area Free South Africa Movement
Oakland, California, United States
Undated, Spring (March?) 1985
1 page
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Leaflet produced by the Bay Area Free South Africa Movement (BAFSAM) – Labor Committee. The leaflet says the AFL-CIO has targeted the racist apartheid government of South Africa and the Reagan Administration's friendly policies toward that government. The leaflet says on Nov. 23 longshore workers in the San Francisco Bay Area refused to unload South African cargo. The leaflet asks people to wear a Red Ribbon to say Stop Apartheid! The leaflet includes quotes by Richard Groulx, Alameda County Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO) Secretary, and Jack Sweeney, speaking for Chuck Mack, president of Teamsters Joint Council, speaking to Oakland Port Commission, Jan. 22. The leaflet incudes a quote by John George, Alameda County Supervisor. The leaflet mentions the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union Local 10, ILWU, divestment, the South African labor movement, the Oakland and San Francisco Port Commissions, divestment, trade, daily picketing the Pacific Marine Association, trade unionists, WHAT'S HAPPENING, and WHAT WE CAN DO.
Used by permission of David Bacon, a former member of the Bay Area Free South Africa Movement.
Collection: David Bacon papers