(Volume I Number 2)
by Mozambique Solidarity Office
with Maureen Lai-Ping Mark (editor), Prexy Nesbitt (editor), Linda Noonan (editor), James Matthews
Chicago, Illinois, United States
December 1991
2 pages
Contents: Mozambique Peace Talks Continue: Second Protocol Signed • It Is Night by James Matthews • South Africa and Israel Tested Nuclear Bomb • SWAPO Holds First Congress • ANC Hires U.S. Lobbyist • Armscor Weapons Deals with U.S., Iraq, Israel, and Irish Rightwing • Mozambican Environmental Strategy • UNITA 'Hiding Arms' • NATO, SADF, MK Together in Military Think-Tank • Belgian and CAR Mercenaries Sent to Zaire • Two More Political Parties Emerge in Mozambique • AIDS and Africa: Calamitous Figures
Used by permission of Prexy Nesbitt, former staff member of Mozambique Solidarity Office.
Collection: Kathleen Sheldon Southern Africa Collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections