Fact Sheet No. 4
by African Liberation Support Committee
Washington, DC, United States
Undated, mid-1975?
1 page
Type: Leaflet
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Portugal
Language: English
In his second term in office, Richard Nixon has interpreted his re-election as a mandate to continue four more years of murder in Indochina and the Portuguese colonies in Africa, assaults on programs affecting Black people, and freezing wages. Nixon’s policy toward the Black community is one of "benign neglect." In our drive to impeach Nixon, it must be pointed out that his removal would only be succeeded by another imperialist politician who won't be much different. Impeachment would mean the rulers of this country would be forced for the first time to throw their top representative (the president) out of office, hurting their prestige, authority, and power, both here and abroad. Throwing Nixon out is just flexing our muscles for a larger fight, but it brings the masses of the people new confidence in our power. The one great truth from which all else flows is that Black people will be free; revolution will be possible.
Collection: August Nimtz papers