African Liberation Support Committee

by African Liberation Support Committee
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Undated, 1974?
4 pages
Type: Policy Document
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada, Haiti
Language: English
Contents: WHAT IS A.L.S.C.? • WHAT IS THE WORK OF ALSC? • WHAT IS OUR POLITICAL POSITION? • BOSTON ALSC • African Liberation Support Committee is a Black united front which grew out of the international struggle of our people against imperialist exploitation and racist oppression. ALSC was formed in 1972 to give concrete political and material support to African people fighting Portuguese colonialism and white racist regimes. It is now an international organization based in nearly 50 cities and 6 countries dedicated to fighting racism and imperialism in Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. A strength of ALSC is its united front character - its ability to pull together people of different ideological positions, social groups, and class formations. ALSC’s national African Liberation Fund drive has raised over $97,000 to aid liberation movements in Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and Zimbabwe. Local activities have exposed monopoly capitalism as the basis of the oppression facing Black people in the U.S. and Canada. Areas of work are: support for worker struggles, the crisis of imperialism, inflation, unemployment, police repression, welfare and tenant problems, and the role of banks and corporations in our exploitation. We have sponsored international weeks of solidarity with liberation movements in former Portuguese colonies and with African people fighting white minority rule governments in Southern Africa. These educational events explained the relationship between the struggles in Africa and those in North America. We waged campaigns for the recognition of Guinea Bissau, to repeal the Byrd amendment and stop trade with Rhodesia, and to end imports of coal from South Africa. African Liberation Day activities brought together nearly 200,00 Black people in support of the international Day of Solidarity With African Liberation Movements. Other African Liberation Month activities included a national forum on the ideological direction of the Black liberation struggle and local forums on repression, the "energy crisis," and the impeachment of Nixon. ALSC’s Statement of Principles recognizes that Black people will only gain freedom through a protracted struggle against racism and imperialism. We also support other liberation movements including the Haitian Action Committee, PAIGC Support Committee (African Party For The Independence of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde), and Eritreans For Liberation In North America.
Collection: August Nimtz papers