(Vol. XII, No. 5)
by Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
November 1952
4 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Botswana
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Kingdom
Language: English
Contents: SCOTT OF SOUTH AFRICA by Winifred F. Courtney • The Cinderella Story • Statement of Ownership • Action For Better Group Relations by Rachael Davis DuBois • Literature Corner • Committee Begins Its Third Year by Adelaide Baker • Did You Know • The newsletter says few Women’s International League (WIL) members can be ignorant of the present passive resistance movement in South Africa, the protest of native organizations against the legal applications of Dr. Malan's increasingly rigid apartheid (segregation) doctrines. The situation threatens violence, and the neo-Fascist policies of the South African government have sinister potential on this awakening African continent. In London, however, using every influence at his command, is a South African now permanently expelled from his adopted country, who is making it his life work to inspire and assist those forces which would bring a measure of justice and self-determination to the black inhabitants of British Africa. He is the Reverend Michael Scott, a Church of England clergyman of ascetic habits and modest demeanor, who first won international attention when, in 1949, after three years of trying, was allowed to present a petition to the Fourth (Trusteeship) Committee of the UN General Assembly on behalf of a group of native tribes of South West Africa. The petition had been written in the fear that their territory, a former mandate of the League of Nations, was about to be annexed by the Union of South Africa, a fear which by 1949 had become fact. The newsletter mentions the International Court at the Hague, Mandatory Powers, Lake Success, Christian principles, the Human Rights and African Study Kit, discrimination against native Africans, pass laws, jails, education, the Herero, the International League for the Rights of Man, Tshekedi Khama, Bechuanaland, farming, church lands, and Southern Rhodesia.
Collection: Winifred Courtney Collection, National Archives of Namibia