(Volume 2, Issue 3)
by Liberation Support Movement
Richmond, Canada
Fall 1975
43 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada, North America, Oman, Portugal
Language: English
Contents: IN NORTH AMERICA & AFRICA • LSM ACTIONS • FROM STUDY GROUP TO UNIT by LSM Vancouver Unit • COALITIONS A Critical Assessment by LSM Bay Area Unit • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • FRELIMO ATTACKS CAPITALISM No Honeymoon For the Exploiters by Ole Gjerstad • SWAPO PRINTSHOP PROJECT • FEATURE: A NEW GENERATION OF WOMEN • IN GUINEA-BISSAU Interview with Carmen Pereira by Chantal Sarrazan • WOMEN IN LSM A Few Insights by Lora Barnett and Beth Klaver • IN THE ARABIAN GULF Interview with Fatima Ahmed of the Omani Women's Organization • The newsletter includes a quote by Che Guevara. The newsletter mentions film programs, the Bata Shoe Corporation campaign, literature distribution, “Last Grave at Dimbaza,” the PFLO (People's Front for the Liberation of Oman), the LSM Vancouver Unit, Black Panther Party, Winter Soldier Organization, Bay Area Namibia Action Group, Ben Gurirab, the LSM Information Center, the Committee for National Liberation in the Middle East (CNLME), May Day Coalition, Organization of Arab Students (OAS), Iranian Students Association (ISA), the 1973 October War in the Middle East, the Guardian Bay Area Bureau, Revolutionary Union (RU), the Revolutionary Student Brigade (RSB), solidarity, VVAW/WSO, the People's Translation Service, Indochina Solidarity Committee, Soviet social imperialism, demonstration against Moshe Dayan, anti-imperialist coalitions, lessons of coalition work, Center for Autonomous Social Action - General Brotherhood of Workers (CASA), the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP), Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Winter Soldier Organization (international), Prairie Fire, Women's Union, Bay Area Gay Liberation, the Union of Vietnamese, racism, national liberation movements, the imperialist ruling class, militant international working-class unity, the 1976 Liberation Calendar, Africa in Revolutionary Music, President Neto, Amilcar Cabral, PAIGC (African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde), armed struggle, polygamy, and the guerrillas.
Used by permission of former members of Liberation Support Movement.
Collection: Private collection of Candice Wright