(Volume 2, Issue 2)
by Liberation Support Movement
Richmond, Canada
Summer 1975
44 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada, Israel, Middle East, Oman, Vietnam
Language: English
Contents: Homage to DON BARNETT by Liberation Support Movement Information Center • Commemorations • Solidarity Messages • To The Guardian "Radical Forum" • Letters to the Editor • …ACTIONS • Vietnamese Revolutionaries in Vancouver • LSM/East Coast Unit (ECU) • LSM/Bay Area Unit (BAU) • LSM/Vancouver Group (VG) • FRELIMO Independence Day – 25 June • "Bobbi Lee: Indian Rebel" • GUINEA-BISSAU: Aspects of a Difficult Transition by Ole Gjerstad and Chantel Sarrazin • Impressions from a Liberated People • "We Don't Accept Being Treated Like Animals" • Contradictions of a Lagging City • "…Since Pidjiguiti We Never Looked Back" • ANGOLA: THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES Interview with Paulo Jorge, MPLA • Critical Remarks on "Prairie Fire" by Carroll Ishee • STOP PRESS!!! • To Our Readers • The newsletter includes solidarity messages from the Afro-Asian-Latin Peoples Solidarity Committee, Montreal; R. Chrisman, for staff of Black Scholar; Mtshana Ncube, Montreal; the Southern Africa Action Coalition, Vancouver; Dennis Brutus, Texas; Ole Gjerstad, LSM member on mission to Africa; Chantal Saeeazin, LSM member on mission to Africa; Don and Carmen McDonald, Vancouver; H. Ehrlich, Maryland; and Doug Hurd, Portland. The newsletter mentions Carl Davidson, Steven Nkomo, ZAPU (Zimbabwe African People's Union), the multinational imperialist system, impoverished peasants and workers, neocolonies, revolutionary armed struggle, ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union), Karari Njama, the UAW, FDR, Middle East struggles, the PLO, PFLO (Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman), Allison Warner, Moshe Dayan, Marin College, the International Day in Solidarity with Palestine, Catio, Amilcar Cabral, classrooms, students, a PAICG boarding school, Tchugué, war in the bush, military victories, Miguel Figureido, Joao da Costa, Paulo Lopes, Jose Kassem, FARP (People's Armed Revolutionary Forces) militants, Kau Sanbu’s wife, Balante, Fuab na Digna, Nino, Chico Mendes, Osvaldo, Carmen Peireira, the AK, colonialists, problems of transition, the People's National Assembly, Guerra Mendes, traitors, economic sabotage, João Emilio Costa, the Bissau dockworkers strike, Augusto Lima, Rafael Barbosa, José Francisco, the Casa Gouvêa company, Antonio Carreia, PAIGC, FRELIMO, FNLA, PIDE, FLEC (Liberation Front for the Enclave of Cabinda), Zaire, secret police, the Portuguese army, people's power, FAPLA (People's Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola), Marxist-Leninists, capitalism, socialism, the industrial proletariat, the ruling class, the Weather Underground, Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong), the North American left, new releases, recent publications, Eva Kutas, Ray Eaglin, the Eugene Coalition Liberation Support Movement, and the Giese-Cronin Defense Committee.
Used by permission of former members of Liberation Support Movement.
Collection: Private collection of Candice Wright