by Liberation Support Movement
Oakland, California, United States
Winter 1978
58 pages
Contents: LEADING EDGE • NAMIBIA IS UP FOR GRABS • Apartheid Won't Budge • Plunder of a Colony: Who Gets the Diamonds? • Namibian Politics: Day of the Chameleons • They Went to Windhoek by Per Sanden • SWAPO PRINTSHOP TRAINING BEGINS • THE WINDS OF THE PEOPLE • LEFT PROFILE: LA PENA • FAMILY PLANNING IN MOZAMBIQUE • UNITED STATES JOINS THE WAR IN EAST TIMOR • "THE WAR US A TREMENDOUS SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE" Interview with Jose Ramos Horta of FRETLIN • LSM NOTES • ANC Needs a Mimeo • Women Against Apartheid • Resources • BOX 2077 • Ethiopian Criticism • Whose Socialism • The newsletter includes an insert “LSM Annual Meeting: LSM NEWS to suspend publication.” The newsletter includes a poem, “Winds of the People,” by Victor Jara, and a sidebar, “A Women Versus a Chief,” by Jose Ramos-Horta. The newsletter mentions the Bay Area Southern Africa Coalition, internationalist solidarity work, the Jimmy Carter administration, peaceful protest, guerrilla war, weapons, African and socialist states, Security Council Resolution 385, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), Sam Nujoma, the Front Line States, uranium, minerals, profits, trade, imports, “homelands,” Ovamboland, the Bantu Investment Corporation, cheap labor, Afrikaners, Anglo-American Corporation, agriculture, cattle, karakul sheep, fishing, Walvis Bay, Luderitz, mining industry, De Beers, the SWACO company, zinc, lead, tungsten, vanadium, tin, Berg Aukas, Brandenburg, the Klein Aub copper mine, Newmont Mining, American Metal Climax (AMAX), Tsumeb, Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ), Harry Oppenheimer, the German Development Institute, United Nations Commissioner for Namibia Martti Ahtisaari, the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA), Herero Chief Clemens Kapuuo, Katatura township, Lucia Hamutenya, the Owambo Bantustan, Cornelius Ndjoba, the liberation movement, South African troops, the Turnhalle Conference, Prime Minister Verwoerd, the Western powers, Administrator-General Marthinus Steyn, the Roman Catholic Church, collaborators, Dirk Mudge, the white Republican Party, Herero chief Kuamina Ruruako, CDU (Christian Democratic Union), CSU (Christian Social Union), Franz Josef Strauss, the Namibian National Front (NNF), liberal whites, a "third force," SWAPO-Democrats, SWANU (South West Africa National Union), Bryan O'Linn, the Federal Party, Othilie Abrahams, Andreas Shipanga, UNITA, exile, prison, the Western Five, multinational corporations, PLAN (People's Liberation Army of Namibia), Comrade Peter Nanyemba, Jesaya Nyamu, a Swedish TV film crew, the Angolan border, South African military presence, the Cuando river, Kaokveld, Elundu, FAR automatic rifles, the Geneva Convention, the Caprivi region, Luanda, the La Pena Cultural Center, AIM, the Black Panthers, ZANU, Latin America, KPFA, sex education, day care centers, children, Maputo Province, US intelligence agents, FRETILIN (Revolutionary Front for the Independence of East Timor), Indonesian Foreign Minister Adam Malik, dictator Suharto, the CIA, Alarico Fernandes, F-5 jets, American pilots, OV-10 Bronco bombing missions, Walter Mondale, A-4 counterinsurgency ground attack bombers, US nuclear submarines, Guam, Diego Garcia, the Indian Ocean, oil tankers, Japan, PIDE, secret police, the Association of Social Democrats of Timor (ASDT), resistance to colonial domination, Deli, the Mambai people, Mauberism, traditional farming, private ownership, cooperatives, joint land ownership, the Apodeti party, slaves, settlers, political education, liberated areas, and armed struggle.
Used by permission of former members of Liberation Support Movement.
Collection: Private collection of Candice Wright