Annual Report of the Executive Secretary of The Africa Fund

by George M. Houser, The Africa Fund
New York, New York, United States
April 19, 1979
Publisher: The Africa Fund
6 pages
Type: Report
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Annual report discusses developments in southern Africa in 1978-1979. Achieving majority rule in Zimbabwe was again frustrated, as an internal settlement agreed to by whites and some black elements in the country failed to meet demands of African nationalists, and the armed struggle continued. In Namibia, South Africa prevented plans by the United Nations for elections for an independent government under international supervision, and South Africa sponsored its own elections. Major attention during the year was given to the plight of approximately 200,000 refugees who have fled Rhodesia to neighboring Mozambique and Zambia. George Houser and Prexy Nesbitt of the Africa Fund staff visited refugee facilities in Zambia and Mozambique, respectively. Two Columbia graduate students, Marcia Burdette and Sanford Dumain, were commissioned to write a report about divestment. Research staff helped prepare material for congressional testimony and international conferences, most recently on the dangers of U.S. involvement in Ian Smith's April elections and on the U.S. role in strengthening South African nuclear capability. • Programs and Projects • 1. Medical and Refugee Assistance • 2. Research and Publications • 3. Emergency Assistance • Finance and Mailing List • Staff
This item was digitized for Aluka, which made it available to the African Activist Archive.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to The Africa Fund).
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