Namibia: U.S. Corporate Involvement

by Winifred Courtney, Jennifer Davis, The Africa Fund
with George M. Houser
New York, New York, United States
March 1972
Publisher: The Africa Fund
35 pages
Type: Pamphlet
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada, United Nations
Language: English
Contents: INTRODUCTION •100 YEARS OF EXPROPRIATION • United States Policy on Namibia • The Lopsided Economy • Boom Time in Namibia • The Workers of Namibia • Wages • Emptying the Treasure Casket • THE U.S. CORPORATIONS EXAMINED • The Tsumeb Corporation: U.S. Owned and Run • A "Company Town"-for 5000 Forced Laborers • South Africa, Newmont and Amax: Allies in Oppression • Newmont Mining Corporation • American Metal Climax, Inc. • U.S. Steel • Bethlehem Steel • Nord Resources • Navarro Exploration Company • Phelps Dodge • U.S. Companies in the Search for Oil • Brilund Mines-Etosha Petroleum • Diamonds Are Forever-Profitable • Tidal Diamonds-a Getty interest • NAMIBIAN TRADE WITH THE UNITED STATES • Fifth Avenue Fashion: Karakul Pelts from Namibia • Pet Food and Rock Lobster • CONCLUSION • FOOTNOTES •Pamphlet published in cooperation with the Programme to Combat Racism of the World Council of Churches. The pamphlet discusses SWAPO (South West African People’s Organization), apartheid, the League of Nations Mandate, Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ), trade, the World Court (International Court of Justice, ICJ), independence, self-determination, the Council on Namibia, the Security Council, resolution 284, the Export-Import Bank, General Assembly Resolution 2145 (1966), Consolidated Diamond Mines of South West Africa, Ltd (CDM), De Beers Consolidated Mines, uranium, RÓ§ssing, Swakopmund, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, the Western Knapp Engineering Division of Arthur G. McKee, Iron and Steel Corporation (ISCOR), Bantustans, Ovamboland, the South West African Native Labor Association (SWANLA), Palabora Mine, copper, base minerals, the Southern Oil Exploration Company (SOEKOR),  SWAKOR, the Strategic Minerals Resources Fund, Gulf Oil, Syracuse Oil, Chevron (Standard Oil of California), Regent Petroleum (a subsidiary of Texaco), the Etosha Game Reserve, Etosha Petroleum, Brilund Mines Ltd., Emanuel Rosenblat, Falconbridge Nickel Mines, the Superior Oil Company, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, Harry Oppenheimer, Anglo American, Engelhard, SWAKARA (South West African Karakul), and the Del Monte Corporation.
This item was digitized for Aluka, which made it available to the African Activist Archive.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to The Africa Fund).
Collection: Africa Action Archive