ECSA Bulletin

by Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa
with Colin O' Brien Winter
New York, New York, United States
October 25, 1974
6 pages
The newsletter reports South Africa has forced St. Mary's Hospital to close and has threatened to close St. Mary's High School, both located at the 50-year-old Anglican Mission at 0dibo, Ovamboland, in northern Namibia. The newsletter includes a reprint of a newspaper article "West's Sea Role Grows at Cape" by Peter Younghusband. The newsletter asks people to write, phone or wire Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Donald B. Easum, Department of State; Ambassador John A. Scali, United States Mission to the United Nations; the Senator; and their Representative. The newsletter discusses Ovamboland, the Anglican Church, the South West African Administration, the Evangelical Lutheran Owambokavango, the Roman Catholic Church, the Baptist Congregation, human rights, Proclamation R 17/72, freedom of speech, the Owambo Independence Party, Dr. Waldheim, Dr. Escher, Mr. Vorster, police, Bantu Education, the South West African Peoples Organization (SWAPO), John Otto, the Security Council, Admiral James Johnson, Rep. Louis Wyman, South African Information and Interior Minister Connie Mulder, the United Nations Council for Namibia, and the United Nations Commissioner for Namibia. Contents: SOUTH AFRICA CLOSES CHURCH HOSPITALS, SCHOOL IN OCCUPIED NAMIBIA. USURPER INTENSIFIES ATTACKS IN U.N. TERRITORY WHILE MISLEADING THE U.N. • STATEMENT ON ST MARY’S HOSPITAL, ODIBO, NAMIBIA BY COLIN O'BRIEN WINTER, BISHOP OF DAMARALAND-IN-EXILE, LONDON • SUFFRAGAN BISHOP RICHARD WOOD, TRAVELING IN THE UNITED STATES, WRITES ON ST. MARY'S HIGH SCHOOL, ODIBO • THE CHURCHES IN NAMIBIA EXPRESS THEIR FEELING TO SOUTH AFRICAN OCCUPATION AUTHORITIES ON WHY NAMIBIANS ARE FLEEING THEIR COUNTRY • Reason, dialogue and pressure • Scuttle the Admiral • Enacted by the 191st Convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania meeting in Philadelphia
Used by permission of former board members of the Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa.
Collection: Elizabeth S. Landis papers, Michigan State University Library Special Collections