State and Municipal Action Against Investment in South Africa

by Campaign Against Investment in South Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, apparently June or later 1981
Publisher: Campaign Against Investment in South Africa, American Committee on Africa
6 pages
Contents: OVERVIEW • Why Action Against South Africa is Needed • Socially Responsible Investment in The United States • Running a Successful Campaign • The Strategy For The National Campaign • Campaign Against Investment in South Africa • Legislative Advisory Panel • Consultants • The brochure says citizens concerned with investment of public money are forming an action coalition in cities and states across the country; in an important new development, the divestment of public funds from corporations and banks involved in South Africa is being linked to socially responsible investment in the United States; concern about South Africa has been stimulated by the increased resistance in that country to the apartheid regime. The brochure says the Legislative Advisory Panel is Senator Julian Bond, Georgia; Senator Jack Backman, Massachusetts; Senator William Curry, Connecticut; Senator Williams Owens, Massachusetts; Rep. Carol Braun, Illinois; Rep. Perry Bullard, Michigan; Rep. William Dyson, Connecticut; Rep. Virgil Smith, Michigan; Rep. Mel King, Massachusetts; Rep. Abraham Giles, Connecticut; and Rep. Al Price, Texas. The brochure says Consultants are John C. Harington, Chairperson, Governors Public Investment Task Force, Connecticut; Ann Beaudry, Program Director, National Center for Economic Alternatives, Washington, DC; Randy Barber, Pension Investment & Control Issues, Washington, DC; and James Farmer, Executive Director, Coalition of American Public Employees, Washington, DC. The brochure discusses the African National Congress (ANC), Robert J. Schwartz, public employee pension funds, foreign investment, imprisonment, torture, city and state legislators, trade unions, student and workers strikes, bus boycotts, the Sasolburg oil-from-coal complex, the Black Caucus, and university campuses.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Africa Action Archive