[I have just returned from a 6 week visit to Tanzania and Zambia]

by Jennifer Davis, American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
September 12, 1974
Publisher: American Committee on Africa
9 pages
Much of the trip was spent in long conversations with leaders and militants of most active liberation movements in Southern Africa. Davis visited two projects of Frelimo that The Africa Fund has supported for a long time, the high school at Bagamoyo and the hospital at Mtwara. The document discusses FRELIMO, MPLA, ZANU, ZAPU, SWAPO, ANC, PAC, UMSA (Unity Movement of South Africa). • Zimbabwe • Namibia • South Africa • South Africa and Lesotho • Background • Angola • Mozambique • Heath Services • Heath care inside Mozambique • The future • A View of ACOA From Africa
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