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About yourself and your participation in African activism.

We would appreciate your help to build the African Activist Archive website and preserve historical materials. We want to learn about: (1) organizations we are missing; (2) materials available to place in an archive; (3) items to add to the website; (4) collections already in a public archive; and (5) activists we should contact for possible materials. Even if you have a small amount of material, or no material at all, we want to hear from you.

(1) Organizations. Describe an organization not listed on the website, including where it was located, acronym, name changes, if it still exists, any contact information of people who were involved, countries of focus (Angola, South Africa, etc.), areas of activities (struggles for independence, apartheid, etc.), and types of campaigns (divestment, sanctions, sports boycott, support to African movements, political prisoners, labor rights, other).

(2) Archival material you have. Describe material you have, such as documents (pamphlets, newsletters, leaflets, press releases, correspondence, etc), posters, buttons, photos, audio and video. Indicate the approximate quantity (number of boxes or lineal inches of files) and if you would like to place your collection in an archive. Also, indicate material you might want to include in the website's online archive.

(3) Archival material already in a public repository. Describe any collection in a library, archive, or historical society that is not in our Archives List. Please provide the collection name, the institution where it is housed, and that institution's address and website, along with a brief description of the collection (as in the previous question).

(4) Other people we should contact. Even if you do not have current contact information, please provide names and useful information such as organization they worked with, college attended, or their last known address or city.

(5) Additions or corrections to the website. Help us improve data about organizations or objects on this site. Please include type of object (document, photo, etc.), title, and date of the object.

Thank you for your comments and information.