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New York, New York, Undated, 1955?
George Houser’s resume says his education included College of the Pacific (1934-35), Stockton, California; Lingnan ...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: South Africa, Africa
by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, About late December 1957 or early 1958
Church, labor, student, and other organizations in at least 50 countries observed a Day of Protest against South Afri...
Type: Report
Africa coverage: South Africa, Nigeria
by Southern Africa Support Committee
Pasadena, California, Undated, 1976?
Report on the South African and Namibian fishing industry. The report says before 1950 Los Angeles was recognized as ...
Type: Report
Africa coverage: Namibia, South Africa, Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, West Africa
by Boycott Del Monte Coalition
Los Angeles, California, February 5, 1977
The principles say we oppose all U.S. government, economic, political and military ties with other countries which st...
Type: Policy Document
Africa coverage: Namibia
by Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa
Chicago, Illinois, October 1977
Includes reports from the Bay Area-Namibia Action Group (BA-NAG), the Southern Africa Solidarity Committee (Pasadena)...
Type: Newsletter
Africa coverage: Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, South Africa, Namibia
by Boycott Del Monte Coalition, Southern Africa Support Committee
Los Angeles, California, Undated, 1978?
Pamphlet issued as part of a campaign to boycott Del Monte products. The pamphlet explains the campaign against the D...
Type: Pamphlet
Africa coverage: Namibia, South Africa
by TransAfrica Forum
Washington, DC, February-March 1985
Type: Newsletter
Africa coverage: South Africa, Southern Africa
by Charles Lamb, Committee for International Support of Trade Union Rights
San Francisco, California, September 10, 1985
The mailing advertises a meeting of the Committee for International Support of Trade Union Rights at San Mateo Cen...
Type: Mailing
Africa coverage: South Africa
by Campaign Against Apartheid
California, March 4-17, 1986
Contents: Act Against Apartheid • At What Price Porsche? • The Radical Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther Kin...
Type: Newsletter
Africa coverage: South Africa
by Hawaii Church Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Hawaii Conference United Church of Christ
Honolulu, Hawaii, Undated, about November 1989
 Mailing advertising a speech by Bishop Antonio Fortich, retired bishop of Bacolod, Negros, on December 10 at St...
Type: Mailing
Africa coverage: South Africa
Honolulu, Hawaii, Undated, December 10, 1989 or a little earlier
Program of an event at St. Theresa's Cafeteria on December 10, 1989, sponsored by the Church Committee for Human ...
Type: Program
Africa coverage: South Africa


Undated, 1980s?
Anti-apartheid button apparently produced in the Philippines. This item was digitized by the International Institute ...
Type: Button
Africa coverage: South Africa