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Alternate Name:
Principal Location: United Kingdom
Duration: 1968 - Unknown, existed in late 1977
United Kingdom
The Haslemere Group was formed in 1968 to discuss the social and economic crisis facing the developing countries, the...


by Center for Social Action of the United Church of Christ
New York, New York, June 1976
Contents: Chapter 1: Summary • Chapter 2: Introduction • 2.1 Historical background • 2.2 Sanctions &bu...
Type: Pamphlet
Africa coverage: Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe
by Bernard Rivers, Haslemere Group
New York, New York, October 4, 1977
Testimony about how Rhodesia imports oil in violation of United Nations sanctions, including a summary of information...
Type: Testimony
Africa coverage: Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia


by Campaign Against Namibian Uranium Contracts
1977 or later
The round, bright yellow button features a drawing of the face of a Black miner wearing a helmet with a light. Around...
Type: Button
Africa coverage: Namibia


by Haslemere Group
London, 1970
Poster advertising a teach-in on Mozambique on Monday, January 26, 1970 with a FRELIMO speaker, Lord Gifford, Colin M...
Type: Poster
Africa coverage: Mozambique, South Africa
by Campaign Against Namibian Uranium Contracts, Ian Denning (Design)
London, 1982
In the 1970s and 1980s Britain imported uranium from Rio Tinto Zinc's Rossing mine in Namibia in contravention of...
Type: Poster
Africa coverage: Namibia