Southern Christian Leadership Conference (3)

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Principal Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Duration: January 10, 1957 - Current (Africa solidarity work mostly 1970s-1980s)
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) is a civil rights organization that played a key role in the civi...


by Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Atlanta, Georgia, Undated, perhaps second half of 1985?
Leaflet issued as part of a campaign against importing South African coal into the U.S. The Southern Christian Leader...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: South Africa
by J. Drew Sheard, Margaret Baylor, Mangedwa Nyathi, Tom Turner, Tom Fenton, Thomas Gumbleton, Faith Robinson, Inc. Michigan Chapter Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Detroit, Michigan, June 20, 1986
Mailing advertising a meeting to discuss forming a Michigan Anti-Apartheid Coordinating Council on June 25, 1986. The...
Type: Mailing
Africa coverage: South Africa


by Charles Stovall (Interviewee), Jackie Lara (Interviewer), Brianna Hogg (Interviewer)
Dallas, Texas, April 3, 2017
Interview with United Methodist pastor Charles Stovall (Rev. Leonard Charles Stovall), about his involvement in the a...
Type: Interview
Africa coverage: South Africa