South African Support Committee (Amherst College) (2)

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Principal Location: Amherst, Massachusetts, United States
Duration: About 1977 - still active in 1979
Amherst, Massachusetts, United States
The South African Support Committee (SASC) was a student group at Amherst College that campaigned to get the college ...


by South African Support Committee
Amherst, Massachusetts, About December 1977
Leaflet advertising a teach-in on South Africa at Amherst College, including the role of U.S. corporations and U.S. p...
Type: Leaflet
Africa coverage: South Africa


by UN Photo by Y. Nagata
New York, New York, May 9, 1978
The Special Committee Against Apartheid met to consult with student groups at U.S. universities and colleges which ar...
Type: Photograph
Africa coverage: South Africa