Maritime Unions Against Apartheid (3)

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Alternate Name:
Principal Location: Australia, Denmark, United Kingdom
Duration: 1984-?
Australia, Denmark, United Kingdom
Maritime Unions Against Apartheid (MUAA) was formed in February 1984 by the Danish Seaman's Union, the Seaman'...


by Stefano Cagnoni
London, United Kingdom, October 30 or 31, 1985
African National Congress President Oliver Tambo speaking at a conference of maritime trade unions for an oil embargo...
Type: Photograph
Africa coverage: South Africa, Nigeria


by Maritime Unions Against Apartheid
United Kingdom, Undated, 1985?
This button may have been produced for the International Conference of Maritime Trade Unions on the Implementation of...
Type: Button
Africa coverage: South Africa


by Maritime Unions Against Apartheid
Denmark, Undated, 1985?
Call on seamen to strengthen the oil embargo against South Africa. The poster asks people who have information to sen...
Type: Poster
Africa coverage: South Africa