MIT Coalition Against Apartheid (2)

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Principal Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Duration: Unknown, apparently 1985 - Unknown, 1991?
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
The MIT Coalition Against Apartheid (MIT CAA) was a group of students, faculty and staff at MIT (Massachusetts Instit...


by Howard Branz, Alex B. Rosen, Kathy Stockton, MIT Coalition Against Apartheid
Cambridge, Massachusetts, July 10, 1986
This mailing to people who have shown interest in the MIT Endowment For Divestiture shares recent news about the dive...
Type: Mailing
Africa coverage: South Africa
by MIT Coalition Against Apartheid
Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 29, 1986
Copy of letter to Paul E. Gray, President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), signed by Steve Penn, Gretc...
Type: Correspondence
Africa coverage: South Africa