Interview with Eric Moye, Part 2

by Eric Moye (interviewee), Braunshay Pertile (interviewer), Claiborne Lord (interviewer)
Dallas, Texas, United States
March 29, 2017
Duration: 53:18
Type: Interview
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Interview with Judge Eric Moye conducted by two students at Southern Methodist University (SMU). Moye and the interviewers discusses the Dallas branch of the National Urban League, the anti-apartheid movement, colleges, divestment, the Sullivan Principles, GM (General Motors), business with South Africa, a trade mission to South Africa, an honorary white person, the mayor, members of the city council, Roy Williams, Marvin Crenshaw, Lockheed, defense contracts with South Africa, community activists, college towns, shares of public companies, student government, campus activism, the ACLU, the civil rights movement, a socially conscious agenda, Mayor Starke Taylor, a sign that said divest, protesting, the international community, the repressive regime in South Africa, city government, a Harvard Club luncheon, a moral issue, social issues, Jim Schutze, Cambridge, Berkeley, blacks and whites in Dallas, Dr. King (Martin Luther King), business leaders, a progressive city, activism, the school desegregation litigation, housing, public schools, integrated communities, land, banks, the Dallas Citizens Council, people’s right to vote, loans, African American preachers, investment, the South Africa government, elected at large, single member districts, litigation, activism on campus, books, the back student body, divinity students from Africa, athletes, an association of black students, Pan-Africanism, Diane Ragsdale, racism, colonialism, justice in the city, police, a person of color, American society and culture, black leadership in the city, the poor black community, Bob Ray Sanders, the black leaders, business leaders, and Chicago.

Used by permission of Braunshay Pertile, Claiborne Lord, and Eric Moye.