Interview with Bob Ray Sanders

by Bob Ray Sanders (Interviewee), Claiborne Lord (Interviewer), Braunshay Pertile (Interviewer)
Dallas, Texas, United States
March 27, 2017
Duration: 1:27:03
Type: Interview
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Interview with Bob Ray Sanders on the anti-apartheid and civil rights movement in Fort Worth and Dallas,Texas conducted by two students at Southern Methodist University (SMU). Sanders discusses journalism, segregation, North Texas, the Star Telegram, public television, a columnist, UNT (University of North Texas), the News Room, a producer, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, minorities, black composers, KERA Radio, Kraft, Gil Scott-Heron, Tennessee Williams, PBS stations, the civil rights movement, apartheid, television, broadcast, print, all black colleges, the University of Texas, the Los Angeles Times, back reporters, white reporters, the media, black employment, Cecil Johnson, Chuck Jackson, the black community, racial issues, the death penalty, segregation, Chanel 13, divestment, Athol Fugard plays, theatres in Dallas, Desmond Tutu, Allan Boesak, Winnie Mandela, TCU (Texas Christian University),speak at anti-apartheid demonstrations, shacks, the student union building, Bill Tucker, the 1986 Fort Worth resolution, opinion writing, racism, the Court House, politics, justice issues, the children of Soweto, the Disciples of Christ, the City Council, Anthony Lyons, South Dallas, South Fort Worth, Charles Brown, gold, young men, the Arch, teachers, the divestment movement, the black members of the City Council, single member districts, Gary Gilley, activists, Al Lipscomb, Diane Ragsdale, John Wiley Price, integration, a segregated school, Forest Park, emancipation day, Juneteenth, benevolent racism, Martin Luther King, Klan meetings, church, a black business community, Ruth Carter Stevenson, black leadership, a committee, the bussing order, integration of schools, school board members, Jim Lehrer, television news, town halls, Angela Davis, the Black Panther Party, the SCLC (southern Christian Leadership Conference), CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), Patrice Lumumba, corporations, investing, racial justice, business leaders, the South African government, pension funds, an ordinance, concerned citizens, community groups, black students, the anti-apartheid movement, a Martin Luther King Day celebration, public television, PBS, live interviews with candidates, politics, radios, assassinated, intendance, making money, an economic issue, Mayor Bob Folsom, Roy Williams, KIF, People for the American Way, Amnesty International, prison stories, the treatment of prisoners, killed by the police, columns, and a job.

Used by permission of Bob Ray Sanders, Claiborne Lord, and Braunshay Pertile.