Interview with David and Anabel Dwyer

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by David Dwyer (interviewee), Anabel Dwyer (interviewee), David Wiley (interviewer)
East Lansing, Michigan, United States
October 20, 2006
Duration: 1:13:00
Type: Interview
Coverage in Africa: Cameroon, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
The interview with David and Anabel Dwyer begins with the start of their involvement with Africa as early members of the Peace Corps in Cameroon in the mid-1960s. It continues with their professional histories. David Dwyer was an innovative teacher of African languages, professor of anthropology professor, and a founder of peace and justice studies at Michigan State University. Anabel Dwyer studied anthropology and a community organizer in the anti-war movement, civil rights movement, renewable energy, and anti-nuclear movement. She became a lawyer and a Board member of the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy. They discuss their role in the Southern Africa Liberation Committee (SALC) (beginning at about 41:05). They discuss an early trip to a General Motors stockholders’ meeting by members of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) to advocate for divestment of GM stock because of the company's business in apartheid South Africa, the role of the Peace Education Center, work on the selective purchasing resolution that was adopted by the City of East Lansing (despite lobbying by the South African consulate in Chicago), the successful divestment campaign at Michigan State University, the "McGoff Off" campaign, and consistent educational events and film series. Photograph credit: Shelby Kroske, Michigan State University Libraries

Used by permission of David and Anabel Dwyer, David Wiley, and the Michigan State University Libraries.
Collection: African Studies Interview Series, Michigan State University Libraries