Ohio Coalition Against Apartheid

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Duration: 1984-Unknown, existed in late 1980s and may have continued until 1994
Location: Ohio, United States

The Ohio Coalition Against Apartheid supported anti-apartheid efforts in Ohio. The Ohio Coalition Against Apartheid had affiliated local organizations in major cities in the state including Cleveland, Youngstown, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. Constituency groups included trade unions; churches; Black organizations; community organizations; and the students, faculty and staff of colleges and universities throughout the Ohio. The Ohio Coalition Against Apartheid supported efforts to pass divestment legislation in the state legislature. Gordon Welty and Deborah Archie were the co-chairs of the Ohio Anti-Apartheid Committee from its founding in 1984 till 1988, when Arthur Salter replaced Welty as co-chair. (Source: Gordon Welty, a former member of the Ohio Coalition Against Apartheid; TESTIMONY Ohio House Bill 22 by Gordon Welty, June 4, 1985,; and TESTIMONY Ohio House Bill 122 [Presented to the Financial Institutions Committee, February 11, 1987] by Gordon Welty.)