Oberlin Committee on Southern Africa

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Alternate Names: Oberlin Committee on South Africa
Duration: 1971 - Unknown
Location: Oberlin, Ohio, United States

The Oberlin Committee on Southern Africa (OCSA) was a student group at Oberlin College that was founded in 1971. In early 1971 OCSA raised almost $400 for Mozambique’s liberation movement FRELIMO by holding a fast; the money was sent to the American Committee on Africa which sent it on to FRELIMO. Eduardo Mondlane, the president of FRELIMO who was assassinated in 1969, was a graduate of Oberlin College. OCSA gathered petitions in support of shareholder resolutions seeking the withdrawal of General Motors (GM) from South Africa and Gulf Oil from Angola. One of the founders was Paul Irish who later worked at the American Committee on Africa. (Source: various including OCSA documents on this website; and ACOA Notes, # 2, May 21, 1971, American Committee on Africa available on this website)