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International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

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Duration: 1949 - 2006 (Africa solidarity work known in the 1970s through 1994, some earlier)
Location: Brussels, Belgium

The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) was an international trade union. At its conference in Brussels in 1959 ICFTU adopted a resolution to boycott South African goods. ICFTU called for an end to foreign investment in South Africa. In January 1977 ICFTU  was involved in a worldwide trade union protest campaign against South Africa. In the 1980s ICFTU supported the boycott of the oil company Shell. Affiliates of ICFTU were involved in Maritime Unions Against Apartheid (MUAA) set up by the Shipping Research Bureau in 1984 to generate support for the implementation of United Nations resolutions, mainly regarding the arms and oil embargoes. (Source: ICFTU posters on this website; Wikipedia accessed October 10, 2017; Documents on this website including: MEMORANDUM ON AN AMERICAN BOYCOTT OF SOUTH AFRICAN GOODS by George M. Houser, American Committee on Africa, January 6, 1960; Statement of Purposes and Objectives, Harvard-Radcliffe Southern Africa Solidarity Committee, Undated, 1978?; [Brothers and Sisters I bring you greetings of solidarity from the Philadelphia Area Labor Against Apartheid Committee] Bernie Dinkin, Philadelphia Area Labor Against Apartheid Committee, January 15, 1986; "BOYCOTT SHELL", ACAS Newsletter, Spring 1986, Association of Concerned Africa Scholars; i.d.a.f. news notes (Issue No. 28), International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, August 1986; South Africa Labor News, Summer 1988, Free South Africa Labor Committee; Embargo: and Apartheid's Oil Secrets Revealed, by Richard Hengeveld (editor), Jaap Rodenburg (editor), Shipping Research Bureau, Amsterdam University Press, 1995