Fund for a Free South Africa

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Alternate Names: South Africa Development Fund
Duration: 1985-current
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Newsletter: MAMELANI

The Fund for a Free South Africa (FreeSA) was established in 1985 by a group of South Africans living in exile in the United States including Themba Vilakazi who was the founding director and remains chair of the Board of Directors. They were joined by Americans active in the civil rights and anti-apartheid movements in developing a model of philanthropy to help bring attention and an end to South Africa's apartheid system and to reverse its political and social impact. In the beginning of 1997, FreeSA was reorganized to best serve the needs of South Africa. On July 1, 1997, a new board of directors was voted in. The board consists of seven South Africans all of whom spend a considerable amount of time in South Africa. The organization, now called South Africa Development Fund, opted to focus exclusively on its grantmaking program.