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D.C. Bank Campaign

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Alternate Names: District of Columbia Bank Campaign
Duration: April 1979- Unknown
Location: Washington, DC, United States

The D.C. Bank Campaign, a coalition of organizations and individuals working to change the operations of local banks which financed repression and apartheid abroad, was launched in June 1979. Riggs National Bank was targeted because of its support for the repressive governments in South Africa and Chile (including a roll-over credit of $1.5 million to the South African state-owned steel company, ISCOR and loans to the Pinochet regime in Chile) and its poor record of services and loans in Washington, D.C. The Campaign was endorsed by many local organizations and also collaborated with Non-Intervention in Chile (NIC). The D.C. Bank Campaign was part of a national campaign to oppose bank loans to South Africa. (Source: D.C. Bank Campaign documents)