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Duration: 1946 - Current (Africa 1950s - Current)
Location: Elkhart, Indiana, United States

Church World Service (CWS) was born in 1946, in the aftermath of World War II, when seventeen denominations came together to form an agency to work in partnership with a mission to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, heal the sick, comfort the aged, and shelter the homeless. CWS provided food, clothing, and medical supplies to war-torn Europe and Asia. In 1987 widespread war conditions and economic destabilization in Mozambique resulting from persistent terrorist raids drove farm families and villagers to flee to neighboring countries and many Mozambicans were in danger of starving. CWS shipped seeds and clothing to Mozambique, money to the South African Council of Churches to buy blankets for Mozambican refugees, and material aid for Mozambican refugees in Malawi and launched a Mozambique Emergency Appeal. (Source: Church World Service website accessed September 9, 2014; and Church World Service documents.)