Boykot Outspan Aktie

Duration: 1970 - 1992
Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Boykot Outspan Aktie (Boycott Outspan Action) was founded by Esau du Plessis, a South African exile, in 1970. Working with other Dutch organizations, it led a boycott of Outspan products, the famous brand of South African fruit including oranges. The campaign succeeded in driving Outspan fruit from the shops. Within a decade, no Outspan 'blood' oranges were on sale in the Netherlands. The Boykot Outspan Aktie continued to campaign in the 1980s, concentrating on mobilizing local communities in the struggle against apartheid. (Source: Kier Schuringa of the International Institute of Social History in the Netherlands.)

Organizational Archive

Title: Boykot Outspan Aktie (Boycott Outspan Action)
Time Span: 1970 - 1980 (approximate)
Description: Papers and archives of the organization and an oral history interview with Esau du Plessis, founder of Boykot Outspan Aktie, conducted by Hilda Bernstein in Leyden (transcript only).
Housed At: University of the Western Cape-Robben Island Mayibuye Archive
Location: UWC-Robben Island Mayibuye Archives, Level 1, UWC Main Library, Modderdam Road, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa
Restrictions: Special terms and conditions apply, to make sure that the collections are adequately preserved for future generations.
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