Black Workers Congress

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Location: United States

The Black Workers Congress was formed in 1971. The organization had chapters in a number of cities across the country. The organizations literature was distributed by the Chicago Literature Center of the American Committee on Africa at the New World Resource Center. In mid-1973 the organization was involved in the campaign in Baltimore against the importation of chrome from Zimbabwe. In late 1973 the organization and other black community organizations was involved in a boycott of the Maryland National Bank because of the bank’s loans to South Africa. [Source: 1) Documents of the organization this website.  2) Other documents on this website including the August 1973 issue of M.A.C.S.A. News, the December 1972 issue of Southern Africa magazine; and Report to the ACOA Board from the Chicago Literature Distribution Project by Eileen Hanson, New World Resource Center. 3) the Wikipedia page on the Black Workers Congress accessed May 17, 2019]