Berne Declaration Group

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Alternate Names: Déclaration de Berne, Erklärung von Bern
Duration: 1968-Current
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

The Berne Declaration Group is a Swiss non-governmental organization. Through research, public education and advocacy work, it has promoted more equitable, sustainable and democratic North-South relations since 1968. The Berne Declaration Group monitors the role of Swiss corporations, banks, and government agencies. It addresses the problems of unequal international trade and financial relations, unsustainable consumption patterns and cultural prejudices. It calls on all Swiss actors - the private sector and the state, citizens and consumers - to assume their responsibilities in resolving these problems. In the early 1980s the Berne Declaration Group was involved in the campaign against bank loans to South Africa. (Source: Organization website; and Declaration of International Seminar on Loans to South Africa, April 5-7, 1981 available on this website.)