Art Against Apartheid (San Francisco)

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Duration: 1983 - Unknown 1990
Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Art Against Apartheid was formed in 1983 by Betty Kano, Michele Lee and students from San Francisco Art Institute: Leon Dockery, Enrique Chagoya, Regina Mouton, Kim Anno and William Stroud. Art Against Apartheid organized painting sessions and worked with organizations to create banners for use in protests, organized art exhibits, and developed a curriculum to teach about apartheid in high schools. Art Against Apartheid was an endorser of the ANTI-APARTHEID PROTEST EVENTS, primarily a march and rally on October 12, 1985 from Oakland City Hall to Lowell Park, sponsored by the National Anti-Apartheid Protest Committee. (Source: Betty Kano and the leaflet NO U.S. TIES TO SOUTH AFRICA which is available on this website.)