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American-South African Peoples' Friendship Association

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Duration: 1982 - Unknown, existed in 1984
Location: Albany, New York, United States

The American-South African Peoples' Friendship Association (ASAPFA) was initiated in 1982 as a direct people-to-people friendship association welcoming as members all people interested in building links and friendship and assistance between American and South African peoples. Some of the major goals of ASAPFA were to inform and educate people all over the United States of the nature of apartheid; to offer friendship to South African exiles and refugees who have had to flee from their homeland; and to aid in relieving the South African people from the oppressive apartheid system in South Africa, tackling such contingencies as the dire starvation of adults and children, the almost complete lack of educational facilities for millions of Black children, the need for medical supplies by the masses of people, the denial of the right of self-determination for the vast majority of people, and the abrogation of all human rights. (Source: ASAPFA documents on this website and Nationwide Protests To Target U.S. Investment in South Africa, American Committee on Africa, March 15, 1984 available on this website.)