ACAS Bulletin: ACAS Thirty Years On

(No. 81)
by Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
with William Martin (editor), Immanuel Wallerstein, David Wiley, Meredeth Turshen, Sean Gervasi, Ann Seidman, Jean Sindab, John Saul, James Mittelman
Spring 2009
47 pages
Contents: Introduction: ACAS 30 Years on • A Brief Note on the Beginnings of ACAS • Origins of the Associate of Concerned Africa Scholars (ACAS) as a pro-Africa voice among American Scholars • ACAS Puts Health on it Agenda • Concerned Africa Scholars: A Retrospective • Summary of the Founding Meeting of the Founding Meeting of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, Houston, Texas, November 3, 1977 • ACAS Draft Statement of Principles (1977) • Southern Africa and Liberal Intervention • Why We Said 'No' to A.I.D. • Statement of Dr. Jean Sindab (1986) • Reflections of Ten Years or So • On Scholar Activism • Activist Scholarship • A Greater Voice for Africa in the United States: An Analysis and Proposed Agenda for Africanist Scholars, New Directions for the 1990s • The Africanist Positions on Military Funding and Service in the National Interest in African Research, Service and Studies
This item was digitized by the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars.
Used by permission of several co-chairs of ACAS.