[To: Support Groups - Campaign to Oppose Bank Loans to South Africa]

by Dumisani S. Kumalo, Campaign to Oppose Bank Loans to South Africa, American Committe on Africa
New York, New York, United States
June 5, 1979
Publisher: Campaign to Oppose Bank Loans to South Africa, American Committee on Africa
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Kumalo reports on his recent 10-week tour of high schools, colleges, universities, churches, and trade unions across the U.S.; he also met with trustees and apologists of apartheid. Kumalo says banks are employing new strategies including dealing with the "correspondent banks," such as Chemical Bank corresponding with Volkskas, a government-created bank patronized by the South African police, military and other state agencies. Kumalo also discusses a loan by Bank America, Citicorp (City Bank), and Manufacturer's Hanover to the Urban Foundation. Kumalo says the national conference of bank campaign groups will be held in July in Minnesota. • 1. Coordinating Campaign 2. New Strategies by Banks 3. Newsletter 4. National Conference July 21-22
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