[The Angolan situation and American involvement]

Communism and the War in Angola
by George M. Houser, American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, late January or early February 1976
Publisher: American Committee on Africa
6 pages
In the mailing Houser says he is writing urgently about the Angolan situation and American involvement in it. The mailing says that since early December the American Committee on Africa has been giving major time to the Angola crisis as the conflict has escalated from an internal struggle to one of major international dimensions. The issue now is not just the struggle between three political movements for control of Angola. For the first tome since the Congo crisis of 1960-64, the big powers are confronting one another in Africa. Houser says he is intimately acquainted with Angola for many years, that he visited there last March when things were just beginning to heat up, and that he has long had contact with MPLA, FNLA, and UNITA. The mailing says ACOA has been vigorously opposing U.S. intervention in Angola including supporting the position taken by Senate leaders such as John Tunney and Dick Clark who have sponsored amendments to end covert U.S. military assistance in Angola. The last few years have seen growing resistance to South African rule in Namibia. SWAPO, the liberation movement in Namibia, will be greatly strengthened by the development of a strong independent government in Angola. Hence, the South African commitment of large numbers of its soldiers to an intensive effort to prevent this development. The aim of South Africa is to stimulate increasing American involvement and then include itself in an alliance to set up African states "safe" for South Africa. Kissinger, who has never been to Africa and sees Angola primarily in U.S.-Soviet cold war terms, seems to be embracing this policy. The mailing urges people to take action including encouraging representative to support legislation in the House and Senate to stop aid going to Angola including that which goes through third countries such as Zaire. Includes an op ed piece Communism and the War in Angola by Houser that appeared in The New York Times on December 14, 1975.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Africa Action Archive